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Everyone has a special childhood moment that they remember. Like for me, I had a great childhood. All of the things I did were great and most of all fun. My best memory from my childhood was that I got to sing in front of a lot of people. Being the first time on stage was the best memory for me ever. Especially with my father being right there by me.I remember the crowd chanting it made me feel like if I was already famous. I enjoyed being on stage dancing and singing with my twin brother. We were only 6 years old when we performed at the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn for The Hispanic Culture.

Music is my passion, it makes me feel calm whenever I’m mad. After I sang on that stage for the first time, I started doing some other performances. It wasn’t my last time being on stage. Also together with my twin brother doing dance competitions as well.My family is all involved in music. As a result of my childhood performance presently I perform with my father in his own salsa band. I am able to perform in front of many people without being shy. Music is my inspiration and I am glad that I can inspire many people through my singing.

I had an amazing childhood!

Seriously, it was amazing!

Therefore, In my conclusion I will say that I had an amazing childhood memory. Me singing and performing for the first time. Secondly, How I had my family there also made it the best childhood memory for me. I enjoy music and music will always be my passion. There is nothing more that I love then just listening and playing to music. Me performing and singing while I was only 6 years old, made me the person that I am today. That is a singer and performer, something that I will always enjoy doing for the rest of my life.

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